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Can you put bricks in an Adelaide skip bin?

During an extension, renovation, or demolition you are likely to run into brick walls that need removal or alteration. Similarly, bricklayers may find themselves with an excess of broken bricks and waste. Rather than attempting to dispose of these items at landfill periodically, a common question that the team at Supreme Skips get from homeowners, builders and tradesmen, alike is, can you put bricks in a skip bin?

Masonry Bins

You cannot place bricks in most types of skip bins, however, at Supreme Skips, the team offer a masonry bin option. A masonry bin is a disposal option that can be used to remove a lot of the materials that are found on a worksite that cannot be placed in some of the more common bin-types. Tiles, concrete, bricks, and pavers cannot be placed in a general rubbish skip bin, however, all of these materials can be placed in a masonry bin.

Mixed Rubbish Bins

The other bin offered by Supreme Skips that is suitable for these items is the mixed rubbish bin. This option will take an array of different materials including the heavy items like bricks, concrete and pavers. These bins can take a combination of the masonry materials as well as green waste, dirt, clay and a number of other items. Popular with homeowners who are unsure what materials they might need to dispose of, a mixed rubbish skip bin should be considered if bricks are involved!


Supreme Skips offer three sizes for these bins. The most common choice is a 4m³. This mid-range option still provides ample space for the vast majority of projects and homes. If you only have minimal material to be disposed of, a smaller 2m³ or 3m³ option is also available.

Other bins

If bricks, tiles and pavers aren’t your primary concern, Supreme Skips offer a range of other niche bins that can be used for clean fill, green waste and scrap steel. However, if you have a combination of these materials, homeowners and trades may opt for the mixed rubbish skip bin.

If you are still unsure as to what kind of bin you might need, give the team at Supreme Skips Adelaide a call. The professionals will be able to provide advice as to which bin works best for your specific situation. All prices and sizes are available online.

For all things Skip Bins Adelaide, Supreme Skips have you covered. Request a bin online today for guaranteed next day delivery!