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Recycling Aluminium Foil

Aluminium foil, also known as tin foil, is quite common in most homes. Despite its everyday use, some people are still confused about whether or not aluminium foil can be recycled. Aluminium foil is partially recyclable. The biggest hurdle in its recyclability is not the material from which we make it but the usage.

Used aluminium foil is contaminated with food because it is used to cover food during storage or when baking food. People assume that recycling aluminium foil is as easy as reusing soda cans because they have the same material. Recycling foil is a rare and complex process. However, you can recycle contaminated ones.

The decision to reuse or recycle aluminium foil depends on your location. Some areas have a facility that can recycle aluminium foil. Such facilities have the technology to handle even soiled aluminium. The section that follows discusses how to go about recycling aluminium.

Preparing Aluminium Foil For Recycling

Most households throw away aluminium foil without preparing it for recycling in case the waste disposal agency decides to do so. This is an entirely wrong practice. Many regular curbside recycling programs accept aluminium foil and trays with other aluminium products.

If the foil is heavily soiled due to the mess created by the food it interacts with, then these programs will not want to handle it. Soiled aluminium foils can cause severe problems in the machines at a recycling factory.

Clean it properly

The first step in recycling your aluminium foil is to clean it properly. Cleaning aluminium foil is easy because it is non-porous, and you can flatten and rinse like any other kitchen item.

Do not worry about crumpling the foil because it can still be reused or recycled even in that state. You can use it to cover bowls and wrap leftovers. You can tear the dirty part away and throw it in that state if you feel it is not hygienic to have it around.

If you feel that all use has been derived from your aluminium foil, remove all dirt before you throw it away.

Dry and assemble into a ball

Let the foil dry completely, and then roll it to make a ball. You should combine various pieces of foil to make it a significant size. This step will help recycling companies to perform their process easily because the small pieces will not fall off and get stuck.

Place in the recycling bin

Next, you can put it in the recycling bin along with other aluminium materials. To get all the necessary information about recycling centres, contact municipality authorities. They will also inform you about the rules and regulations pertaining to aluminium.

Should You Recycle Aluminium Foil?

It is vital to recycle aluminium foil because it has many practical applications at home. You can use it in food preparation, food storage, packaging and packing, dyeing hair, and insulation.

The main problem is that it has become widespread, so people see it as disposable material that should be thrown away. It is estimated that we throw away enough tin foil each year to build a fleet of aircraft.

We no longer need to toss the aluminium foil into a landfill. The good news is that aluminium is highly reusable and quite valuable when it comes to recycling. Estimates show that up to 70% of the aluminium produced is still in use today. Moreover, you can recycle aluminium into new aluminium in 60 days.

Is Aluminium An Eco-Friendly Material?

Aluminium foil is more environmentally friendly than regular plastic wraps. Aluminium is reusable and recyclable. You can use the same aluminium foil at least six times. Reusing aluminium foil is not difficult because it is pretty easy to clean and rinse off.

Additionally, aluminium has a more significant impact on the mining and manufacturing sector than plastic. As such, aluminium is considered a much better option than plastic. However, aluminium foil and plastic wrap are not the only options available for use in the kitchen.  You can use other reusable items like silicone and compostable parchment paper to cover bowls containing leftovers.

Who To Contact For Aluminium Recycling

Aluminium foil is an excellent household commodity that you can use to achieve various tasks. Moreso, it is easily recyclable with only a few simple preparations needed before throwing it away. However, when it comes to recycling aluminium, you may be unsure of who to contact for drop-off or collection.

Fortunately, there are professionals available locally and interstate who are equipped with the necessary tools, experience, skills, and knowledge to undertake all your aluminium recycling needs. Therefore, as such, you won't be stuck in a rut with no means or know-how if you simply contact the professionals to assist you.