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Safe Disposal Of Broken Glass

A broken glass causes panic always whether it is a wine glass at a party or you lost your grip on the mayo. The crash of a falling glass is one of the many things that make people wince. When glass breaks, it is not just the pieces that are important but also the distance that each piece travels.

This is especially important when glass falls on a hard surface. It is often a difficult time for everyone. People have to watch their step until they are sure that all the pieces have been accounted for.

You should dispose of broken glass quickly, thoroughly, and carefully. We commonly dispose of the small broken glass items but dealing with the larger intact pieces of glass is very hard. Luckily for you, we did all the heavy lifting and came up with the best ways to dispose of all types of glass.

Disposing Of Whole Glass

The best way to get rid of broken glass is direct disposal. It will prevent the likelihood of anyone at home getting injured. It will keep you safe and is a complete solution. The following are steps to help you dispose of whole glass items:

Give it away

If the glass of your mirrors or tabletop is broken or damaged, you can give it to your friends or donate it to a charitable organization. It is always helpful to someone, and you get to save it from going to the landfills. Also, giving mirrors away also protects nature as well.

Reuse the glass

A great way to protect mother earth is to reuse old items. However, note that the composition of window-like mirrors and window glass is chemically distinct from other glasses like standard bottle glass.

Some of the recycling companies do not accept window glass. If you see a municipality is accepting broken window panes, you should ask them about the process. Contact them and follow the instructions. The process is not complicated at all.

They might ask you to take the glass down to the recycling centre. The trucks that facilitate glass recycling do not collect non-standard items. As such, when it comes to disposing of glasses, they will only collect recyclable glass and other recyclable items.

Cover the surface with tape

If your glass smashes severely and now you have tiny pieces, you need to collect and dispose of every piece. Before disposing of this trash, prepare it first by taking all the necessary precautions.

Waste management personnel will handle the tiny pieces of glass in accordance with their waste disposal protocols. Make sure that you tape it correctly so that it does not break in the process. Otherwise, it will become hazardous.

You can start the covering process from the surface of the glass, and be sure to use duct tape. Correctly tapping your glass will keep all the broken pieces in place and prevent splintering.

Make sure that you tape both the front and back surfaces of the glass. The more consistently you cover, the better it is. However, if you do not want to waste a lot of tape on an already broken and useless glass, then put a large X on the front and back of the surface.

Wrap the glass

Use a bubble wrap sheet to wrap the glass. Even an old blanket can be helpful in this step if you do not have bubble wrap. Use tape to seal the wrapping shut. This step will keep the glass in place even when, due to one reason or another, the glass breaks or gets itself free from the tape. The wrapping is meant to hold it in place.

Label the exterior

Once your glass is wholly wrapped or taped, label the exterior. The label serves as a warning to the person handling the glass to be careful. you can write a simple note like "Glass for disposal." Your writing should be bold, clear, and large enough to grab the attention of the reader.

Place the glass beside the bin

If you throw pieces of glass into a dumpster or bin, then what's the use of labelling it and working on it? It defeats the purpose. So, place the wrapped and labelled piece of glass beside your community or personal receptacle. Make sure that you keep the glass so that the labelling faces outwards and it is easy to see and attend to.

Contact the waste management company

If the only option left is to dump broken glass, contact a waste removal company in your area. A number of companies in Australia handle multiple wastes depending upon size and sensitivity.

Where you have a lot of pieces of glass for disposal, your local waste management company will not place them all in a single pile. You will need to visit the company's website or call them to get all the information regarding your glass waste. They will inform you about their weight and dimension restrictions.

Disposing Of Broken Glass

This is the second option for the disposal of glass. You can dispose of broken bits only and keep what you feel is still valuable for you. This method is convenient, but it does not eliminate the likelihood of injury entirely. Here are the steps you will need to follow in this regard:

Break the glass with caution

If your glass is in dimensions that your local waste management company cannot handle, break it into sizable pieces. The chunks should be small and easy to handle while disposing of. Exercise caution while breaking the glass into pieces. Keep the entire pane covered in an old blanket or several layers of towel.

Make sure that the shards are in place before you use a hammer to break them into smaller pieces. Using a blanket that you plan to throw away with the glass will make your task much more manageable.

Take proper precautions

Wear protective gloves when you are breaking glass. Use goggles for eye protection thick-soled shoes. Keep your kids and pets away from the working area unless you have thoroughly cleaned the room.

Place big pieces in a large trash bag

Start by collecting large pieces of glass first. Place them carefully in a large trash bag. Use thick outdoor trash bags because they are tough and durable. They will not puncture or tear easily.

Vacuum up smaller pieces

When you have collected the larger pieces, vacuum up the area with a hose attachment. Use the hose attachment to clean up a more prominent location to be sure. We would recommend you cover the area of up to 4.3 metres at least because broken glass can travel quite far.

Blot the area with a soft piece of bread

Use a piece of bread to blot the area where the glass broke apart. This helps ensure that there are no pieces of glass left that the vacuum may have missed. Alternatively, you can use a lint roller, duct tape, or a halved potato.

Wipe down the area with a damp paper towel

Finish off with a damp paper towel. Make sure that you wipe down the soles of your shoes as well. They are most likely to get small pieces of glass or glass dust trapped under the soles of your shoes.

Speak To Your Local Waste Expert

If it is too much to handle, or you would like someone else with the expertise to handle your broken glass, seek help from a local expert. It is a better, safer, and faster option for you.