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Skip Bin Pricing

A skip bin can make your work easier. This applies whether you are moving rubbish from a renovation, landscaping, or doing simple clean-up. Instead of doing several runs, you can hire a skip bin and remove all waste all at once. But, what would it cost you?

Here is a look at what a skip bin is, types of skip bins, waste types, skip bin price comparisons, and what makes a good skip bin hire company. The article will also compare skips needed for different scales of work.

What Are Skip Bins?

Skip bins, simply put, are giant-sized rubbish bins used to move large amounts of unwanted material. As regards bin comparison, they can hold between 2 and 30 cubic metres of rubbish.

Usually, a skip bin hire company delivers skip bins to you. Thereafter, they pick them up after an agreed period. Skip bins hire is measured in square metres or length. Approximate cubic metres are added as a guide.

Types Of Skip Bins

Skip bins are categorised into different types. These include general waste, green waste, mixed heavy, and soil and dirt.

Waste Types

Here are some examples of waste types for the various skip bins:

General Waste

Examples of general waste are light construction waste, light domestic waste, and office waste. Additionally, you can put most general waste in a skip bin. They include things like timber, boxes, furniture, white goods, toys, clothes, carpets, and most types of green waste.

Some electronic appliances and innerspring mattresses can be included. There may be an additional fee for disposing of mattresses.

Mixed Heavy Waste

Mixed heavy waste has examples that include commercial, domestic, construction, demolition, and renovation material.

Green Waste

A green waste skip bin can accommodate unwanted materials such as leaves, grass, small branches, tree trimmings, weeds, and bark.

Skip Bins Hire Prices

The cost for skip bins can range from around $286 to $1960. These skip hire rates depend on skip bin sizes, material to be disposed of, and the hire periods. On average, based on bin size, skip bin hire prices start from $75 per cubic metre. The range of skip prices for such services is between $55 per cubic metre and $89 per cubic metre.

Below are some skip bins prices per day of hire. The prices include GST and are in Australian Dollars. These skip bins hire costs are to be used as a guide. Skip bins prices may vary locally and be subject to changes due to market forces.

• 2m3 skip bin – $286 to $345 per day

• 3m3 skip bin – $388 to $465 per day

• 4m3 skip bin – $429 to $514 per day

• 5m3 skip bin – $560 to $675 per day

• 6m3 skip bin – $635 to $760 per day

• 7m3 skip bin – $705 to $845 per day

• 9m3 skip bin – $940 to 1130 per day

• 10m3 skip bin – $1350 to $1620 per day

• 12m3 skip bin – $1275 to $1530 per day

• 15m3 skip bin – $1580 to $1900 per day

• 17m3 skip bin – $1635 to $1960 per day

Skips Hire Costs For Big Skips

Large skip bins can cost over $1000 per day. However, you can hire standard skip bins of size 17m3 at around $1635 per day in Australia.

Skip Bin Hire Prices By The Scale Of Work

The scale of work you need to do determines the cost of skip hires. The following are some general scales of jobs:

Small Jobs

If you are decluttering your office or cleaning out your home, all you may need is 2m3 mini skips. This is comparable to around 8 of your wheelie bins. Small skip bin hire prices may go for about $290. However, you have room to negotiate, especially if you only have light waste or the amount of waste is minimal.

Medium Jobs

However, if you have some rather large or bulky items to get rid of, you need larger skip bins. The same applies if you are doing house renovation. For instance, you may have to go for 3m3 or 4m3 skip bins to remove such waste materials. The amount of rubbish they can hold is equivalent to around 15 wheelie bins. Your budget for this should be about $400 – $500 per bin per day.

Large Jobs

An example of a large job is demolition work which can create a lot of rubbish. You may find a 6m3 skip as the minimum size needed. They can hold the equivalent of 24 wheelie bins.

Skip Bin Price Comparison In Australian Cities

If you live around Queensland, you may find the lowest skip bin hire prices to be around $50/m3, on average. However, as a resident of Melbourne or Victoria, the usual skips hire rate is about $75/m3. New South Wales may have the most expensive skips hire rate at an average price of around $89/m3.

In Adelaide, skip bin prices range from around $180 for 2m3 mini skips to about $500 for 9m3 mega skips.

Considerations Before Skip Bins Hire

It is not all about getting a cheap skip bin hire. You should understand skip bins hire terms. Here are some skip bin hire terms you should consider:

• The waste type the skip bin hire company takes.

• The maximum load capacity of the skip bin.

• Existing discount for a “clean fill” (single material load).

• Available discount if the skip bin hire company can sell the waste materials.

• If the removal of dangerous or unusual items like insulation incurs higher costs.

• Waste types or items that cannot be moved in a skip bin. For example, waste items like asbestos, paint, tree stumps, or batteries are not allowed in skips. You could be fined heavily for depositing such things in a skip bin. In addition, some rubbish removal companies may reject adding chemical waste, liquid waste, oil, food, tyres, or gas tanks in their bins.

Factors Affecting Skip Bins Hire Prices

As earlier mentioned, these factors include skip bin size, the skip bin type, and the hire periods. Another factor is the distance between your place and the dumpsite. Skip bin sizes influence the overall hire price. Usually, the bigger the skip bin, the higher the skip bin hire cost. A huge bin for all your rubbish may be better than several small ones for a cheaper skip bin hire.

The waste type is also a significant factor in commercial skips bins companies or rubbish removal companies. Common types of materials include light and heavy waste, mixed waste, green garden waste, concrete, and dirt. Do not be surprised to find fuel costs as a component in the skip bins hire quote.

A further distance from your collection point to the rubbish removal company’s office usually implies a higher cost. Thus, you are more likely to discover the cheapest skip bins hire prices closer to your area. Finally, it is possible to hire skip bins for days. Your skip bins hire company may charge extra daily fees or charge weekly.

Permits For Skip Bins

Placing skip bins in your private property does not require a council permit. However, putting it on public property requires a permit. Examples of public property include the street, footpath, or nature strip. Check your local council's requirements because permits do vary from council to council.

Also, the permit fees vary from council to council. They may require such information as reasons or needs for the skip bins, location of placement, and duration on public property. In addition, they may want to know what size the skip bins are and the provider.

Remember, it may take some time for the council permit to be processed. Thus, check with your local council on the duration and the cost.

Guidelines For Proper Waste Removal

Both you and your rubbish removal company have to follow guidelines for proper waste disposal. This is so when placing waste items in a skip. For instance, paint is considered hazardous waste because of its constituent chemicals.

Another guideline is to separate bricks and concrete. This is due to the fact that they have to be disposed of separately from other types of waste. The same can be said for sand, soil, and dirt.

Other waste materials that may need particular disposal include motor oil, gas bottles, and fire extinguishers. Likewise, your electronics, such as computers and televisions, are classified as e-waste. You cannot dispose of them in a skip bin. To dispose of them, refer to your local waste disposal specialists.

What Makes A Good Skip Bin Hire Company?

Primarily, you and the skip bin company you hire have to be safety conscious. Having waste removed can be dangerous without the right skills and equipment. For instance, removing debris and lifting heavy items can endanger your health. A good rubbish removal company can help you identify and properly dispose of toxic waste.

Likewise, they can help you properly categorise wastes, perhaps at a licensed facility for sorting. After that, any reusable material is separated and recycled at recycling centres. In addition, they should have skilled personnel and sophisticated equipment to do a proper job. For example, some skip bin companies do not accept electronic waste, while others have skip bins that can handle it.

Finally, they should be fully licensed and insured.

When To Use A Skip Bin Hire Company

The following are some activities that may require the services of a skip bin hire company or rubbish removal company.

• When you are clearing out unwanted items from your residential or office building.

• Working on a deceased estate.

• During construction and renovation processes.

• To clear up green garden waste after pruning, lopping, or hedging.

• When moving house.

Engage Professionals For Waste Bins Or Hire A Skip

With the bin types, sizes, and price of skips outlined above, you may not need to visit comparison websites for the cheapest skip bins. You can simply refer to the section above comparing pricing for hiring skip bins.

You do not need to worry about domestic or commercial waste removal with these companies. They can help you get the correct waste bins and hire a skip. Besides, given enough notice, they can provide same-day delivery and pickup.