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General rubbish skips in Adelaide

Whether you are having a spring clean, moving into a new home or undergoing a renovation, you may have a collection of items you no longer have need for. Finding time to visit a landfill site may be difficult (not to mention expensive), so homeowners with items to dispose of choose to hire a skip bin.

Experienced companies like Supreme Skips Adelaide offer a range of skip bins that cater to almost all material-types out there. Whether it is green waste or white goods, there is something for you. However, one of the most popular options available is the general rubbish skip.


Often used for a ‘spring clean’, a general rubbish skip bin allows Adelaide residents to place various types of materials in a single skip bin. Whether you have tidied up a section of your backyard and have organic waste to dispose of, or you have replaced your broken fridge; these items can all be placed in a general rubbish skip bin. This option is also a common choice for those looking to undertake some weekend maintenance on or around their home. Items such as old clothes, toys, garage items, carpet, timber, metal and even electrical appliances can be combined for convenient disposal.

Depending on your requirements, these skips come in a range of sizes, with a standard option being the 6m³. This option is popular for families clearing deceased estates, downsizing their home, and general clean ups, as it makes the entire process easy.


Although most household materials can go into a general rubbish skip, there are a few items and materials that should be omitted and will require alternative disposal. Some items you would encounter while renovating can go in a general rubbish skip, others, such as dirt, bricks, concrete, pavers and paint for example, cannot be placed in this bin.

However, Supreme Skips offer an alternative, and with a mixed rubbish or masonry skip bin, disposal of excess tiles, bricks, dirt and concrete is efficient and cost effective. Mixed rubbish and masonry skip bins are commonly available in 4m³.

Hazardous chemicals cannot be placed in a general rubbish skip bin, nor can any liquids including paint. Food waste cannot be placed in bins either. Similarly, asbestos must be removed and disposed of by professionals and must not be placed along with the common materials.

General rubbish skips are a popular option in Adelaide. However, Supreme Skips offer a variety of skip options readily available that cater to all different kinds of specific materials. If you are looking for information on delivery, sizes, and cost, give the team at Supreme Skips Adelaide a call or request a skip bin online.