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Recycling Old Tyres

Old tyres are usually discarded or, at the absolute least, they wind up accumulating dust in the carport or backyard. Instead of tossing them out or allowing them to accumulate and trash your property, why not repurpose them into something valuable?

Whether you have one tyre or ten, there is certainly something you can build with them that will not only recycle them but also provide excellent inside and outdoor décor. You can make anything using old tyres from a tyre garden, tyre swings, flower containers to a toy for the children, or even a dog bed out of those old, worthless car tyres.

Rubber's elasticity makes it highly lasting and soft, and it's also relatively easy to deal with in crafting and DIY applications. Therefore, request to keep your old tyres the next time you get your car tyres replaced. You can then check out the different options provided for you in this article on how to recycle your old tyres into something fresh and fascinating.

What Should You Do With Your Old Tyres?

You will come across tyres that are no longer usable at some point in your life. It's an unusual thought to consider. Although it appears that you can dispose of car tyres, most garbage removal businesses will refuse to accept them. The reasoning for this is simple: tyres tend to hold air, so even if they are buried, they will eventually rise to the surface.

Many landfills have become so irritated by the situation that they have just stopped accepting them. Those who are stuck with old tyres are in a pickle. Because tyres take about fifty to eighty years to degrade, it's likely that your grandpa's old tyre, which blew up around forty years ago, is still taking up space in the yard.

This causes more issues than just a lack of room. When it rains, water can pool within the tyre, attracting disease-carrying mosquitoes. The tyre can be used as a house or hiding spot for other dangerous creatures. The question then remains, what are you going to do with it if you do not have anywhere to put it? Simply put, you can put them to good use by making several things.

Below are some of the things that you can make from old tyres:

Dog Bed

Take that old tyre lying in your backyard and make an extraordinarily cosy and cheap dog bed for your dog. Fortunately, with only a few hours and some simple craft items, you can make this bed in no time. You do not have to spend as much cash on a typical dog bed this way. A recycled tyre, the outside colour of your choosing, cushions, and paintbrushes are all you'll need to build a very cosy bed for your pup.

Tyre Climber

If you have either children or grandchildren, you will understand how expensive outdoor play equipment can be. Why not make those old tyres into an excellent tyre climber and kill two birds with one stone rather than spending a few hundred bucks on a jungle gym? Simply paint the tyres with various colours and arrange them in whatever way you choose to make the climber.

To keep them safe, you will need to screw them together securely. The good thing is that doing this requires little time and minimal effort as long as you have the old tyres and some paint.

Horse Swing

You can repurpose old, unusable tyres into excellent swings that are nothing like the ones you used to have as a kid. A horse swing, which you can simply create from an old tyre and a few other basic components, will delight your child. This task takes much less time than you might think, and it results in a horse swing that looks a lot like the ones you find in farm stores but for a lot less money.

All you will have to do now is create the design, cut out the tyre, and attach the mane as well as a hanging rope. And just like that, you have yourself a DIY horse swing for your kids and their friends.

Stunning Planter

There are a few different techniques to make planters out of tyres, and this one gives the tyre a flowery appearance. There will be some trimming, and depending on your taste, you can paint the tyre to make it look more appealing. Based on how many tyres you have on hand, you can create many planters to thoroughly adorn your outside deck, porch, or garden area.

See, all you need are your old tyres and some paint. Keep all of your used tyres to make a stunning landscape with your DIY tyre pots. There appear to be a few different methods to make planters out of used tyres. This dangling tyre planter is among the simplest to make, taking about an hour or so.

All you have to do now is paint the tyre (in whichever colour you like) and drill a drainage hole at the bottom. Next, put your preferred flowers at the bottom and suspend them from a rope or wire. These work excellent with smaller tyres. If you have a large suitable tree, you can opt to make a large one and stuff it with various flowers.

Fantastic Table

With only an old tyre, a rope, and maybe a few bits of wood for the feet, you can create a beautiful table which can be shown both indoors and outside. You'll require a couple of pieces of plywood cut into a circle shape to suit the top and base (this is where the legs will join), as well as some rope to wrap it up.

If you need a more colourful look, you can colour the rope beforehand or just make use of coloured rope to give it a beautiful rustic effect. You can also create the legs out of plywood, so there aren't many components required, and it's also a simple DIY.

Tube Seat

You can make a lovely and comfy tube seat out of an old inner tube (such as the ones you probably used as a youngster at the lake). Just blow up the tube and fix any holes, if necessary, before covering it with ribbons or fabric. Your young ones will like sitting on these while watching television.

In addition, they make excellent seats for teenagers' rooms. You can make these in any colour you choose, and if you have a number of them, you can make a lovely small lounge area for the kids.

Tyre Totter

It's kind of like a teeter-totter, but with a tyre! You just need one tyre, a board, and a few decoration tools to construct this charming little tyre-totter for your kids. You can also slice the tyre in half so that you can build two, if necessary. Simply paint the tyre and the plank the same colour or use various colours to make it more appealing.

The board will function as the sitting area, and you'll need to attach handles. Finally, paint it as you choose. These are ideal for toddlers since they are low to the floor, unlike park teeter-totters.

Garden Pond

If you've always wanted a garden pond, but the kits are out of your price range, recycle your old tyres to make a stunning pond at a fraction of the price. Aside from the tyre (or numerous tyres if you want to make a graded pond), you also need garden foil, pebbles or gravel, sand, and a few plants.

If you do not have the aforementioned things, you can get them from your nearest gardening shop. This is a straightforward method to have a soothing garden pond without wasting a lot of money, and you can build it within a weekend.


What faster way to keep the youngsters entertained this summertime than having a sandbox? You can construct a nice sandbox out of a tyre, or if you have a few available, make a number of them and stack them for a cool sand area.

Tractor tyres, which are slightly larger than car and truck tyres, are the best if you have them. Simply paint the tyre and then fill it with sand. This is one of the simplest tasks that will take less than a day to complete.

Tyre Chair

Grab that used tyre, decorate it with some paint, put some padding, and you've got yourself a great outdoor stool chair. A tyre chair is wonderful for your deck or next to a fire pit since all you have to do is construct a cushioned centre. You'll need a circular board for the centre (you can cut one out of plywood) and then just add the padding to the top of the plank.

You can make them in various colours to liven up your outdoor seating areas or make them all the same colour to make your outside living spaces appear more orderly and beautiful.

Swing Set Ladder

If your child enjoys playing on swing sets but not the traditional method of climbing onto the slide, you can make a cute ladder out of old tyres that they will enjoy climbing. You simply need to find tyres that are the same size, paint them to complement the swing set, or keep them plain, depending on your preference.

Kids of all age groups will enjoy climbing up to the top of the slide on the tyre ladder. This is an undertaking that should only end up taking a couple of hours to complete, based on whether you choose to colour the tyres first.

Garden Trug

A garden trug, sometimes called a garden basket, can effortlessly be made from old tyres. Since you only require a bit of rubber, you can use scraps from other works. Once you have your leftovers, all you need to do now is add handles or a means to carry the trug, and you've got yourself some wonderful tugs. Rubber is impervious to water and dirt, making your DIY trugs extremely durable.

Moreover, they're so simple to create, which means that you can whip up a couple in under an hour. See, with just a little effort and some old tyres, you will have yourself a beautiful tyre garden to admire.

Spill-Proof Dog Bowl

If you're searching for some unique and attractive ways to make your dog food containers, a tyre dog dish for outdoor and indoor use is a great option. Ideally, you can create this bowl in a specific size by selecting the right tyre. The excellent part is that this dog dish will not stink up your house if you keep it indoors. A repurposed tyre, a metal bowl, a plastic container,  your preferred paint, paintbrushes, and a scraping or sharp knife are required to build a dog dish.

Toy Shelf

By installing this fantastic tyre shelf for toys, you can help your children be more orderly and well-behaved even in their play spaces. When you incorporate this lovely tyre shelf into your child's room, they will be instantly motivated to place all of their toys on it.

With just a recycled tyre and a few plywood panel boards, you can create this shelf in no time. To finish or install this tyre toy shelf, all you need is the paint of your child's choosing, wood screws, bolts, nuts, a screwdriver, as well as a power drill.

Obstacle Course

Construct a tyre obstacle course to put your old tyres to good use while also providing a fun play area for your young ones. You can accomplish it with any number of tyres. This means that you have to plan ahead of time to figure out how extensive you want the course to be or how many tyres you'll need.

Color the tyres first (you can get suggestions from your kids on their favourite colours), then secure them to the porch, deck, or wherever you're going to set up the course, so it is safe for your children and their friends to run through. You can have a tyre obstacle course that allows your children to crawl through, jump over, or leap over the tyres.

Call A Waste Removal Company For Tyre Disposal

Everyone wants to keep their neighbourhoods clean and habitable. To do this, you must ensure that you play your part. This includes putting your old tyres to good use in any of the many ways described above.

However, if you do not have any use for them, you can call your local recycling facility or a waste disposal service provider to verify if they take tyres of various forms and sizes for tyre recycling or safe and correct disposal.