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Removing Clean Fill Dirt

Having extra fill dirt can be a big challenge if you do not have a way to get rid of it quickly. If you do not remove fill dirt in a few weeks, you will face many problems, including erosion and weathering grass. It will not stop there; you may start seeing your mound turn into a weed temple.

Since this dirt causes the stated issues and many others, it is essential to get rid of it as soon as possible. This article will guide you through some simple steps you can use to get rid of fill dirt.

How Do I Get Rid Of Clean Fill Dirt?

There are three ways of getting rid of clean fill dirt. You can advertise it so that other people who need it can bring in their waste removal trucks and pack it up; you can use it in your yard for different needs; and lastly, you can hire a skip bin to help you evacuate the dirt.

Advertise it for sale

List your fill dirt for sale on any local advertising platform or online; you may be surprised by the number of interested people who will come and take it away if offered at an affordable price.

Use it in your home

There are various ways you can use fill dirt in your home. They include:

• Fill up low areas around your yard - One brilliant way of utilising clean fill dirt is to fill low-lying areas in your yard. Use a shovel to fill your wheelbarrow as much as possible, then move it to the low regions and scatter the dirt. Use a wide broom to sift the dirt below the grass stem and leaves. Repeat this step weekly until the area is level.

• Mix fill dirt with compost materials - You can also use the fill dirt to prepare compost by mixing a portion of it with kitchen scraps, lawn cuttings, and leaves. This saves you a lot of money that would have been spent on fertilisers and other soil amendments. The dirt helps to balance the loose organic matter in the compost.

Use it in your garden

You can also spread the fill dirt on your garden bed. Start by mixing fill dirt with the previous year’s mulch and then churn it down a foot deep. This will set in motion a composting process right where you need it every spring.

Hire a skip bin

Skip bins come in various different shapes and sizes and can help you get rid of your clean fill dirt quickly, depending on your budget. After a renovation, landscape project, or reorganisation of your garden, you can be left with hips of soil. This dirt is not just dangerous but is also unpleasant and poses a danger to your property. It is essential to get rid of it quickly.

You can use a skip bin to dispose of your ordinary garden dirt. In addition to the dirt, you can also use it to dispose of leaves, garden pruning, trimmings, branches, weeds, and hedge trimming.

On the other hand, there are things you cannot put into a soil skip bin because of safety reasons. They include asbestos, oil, gas tanks and bottles, chemicals, paint, food, liquid waste, and tyre waste.

What Is The Easiest Way To Move Fill Dirt?

This depends on the quantity of the dirt. A small amount of dirt can easily be moved using shovels and wheelbarrows. However, for a large amount of dirt, you need to hire a piece of equipment or use a shovel to transfer it into a trailer and then move it to where it will be disposed of.

Therefore, the easiest way to move dirt is manually, with the help of friends and family, a shovel, a wheelbarrow, and some elbow power.

Where Can I Dispose Of My Clean Fill Dirt For Free?

Landscaping companies

Landscaping companies are always in need of fill dirt because they use it to level their clients’ residences, plant flowers or trees, pot various kinds of succulent indoor flowers, and for general maintenance of the landscape around residential complexes.

Search for landscaping companies near you and ask them if they need the soil; you will most likely see one or two who are willing to pick up your fill dirt.

Construction companies

Soil is used in every construction site, and so construction companies should be among the places to dispose of your fill dirt at no cost. Search for construction companies near you and pitch to them about the fill dirt.

You should find one or two individuals who need the soil, and in some lucky instances, they can also buy the fill dirt from you.

Free dump days

There are days designated as free dump days. On these days, disposal companies allow residents to dispose of an unlimited amount of household dirt for free. So, check with your municipality or visit their website to confirm when it will hold the following free dump day.

Dump it yourself

It costs about $400 to hire a dumpster and about $550 to hire a junk removal company. If you have the time and a truck, you can save yourself a whole lot of money by packing the fill dirt into your vehicle and driving it to a landfill near you. Most landfills will charge about $40 to dump a ton of clean fill dirt.

Reuse it in another project

Another intelligent way of getting rid of your fill dirt for free is to recycle the topsoil and use it to fulfill other needs. For instance, you can pack the soil left in a storage bin and store it for future building construction projects; you can use it to raise a garden bed or build a playground.

Online marketplace

You can get people who will take your fill dirt for free by advertising on different online marketplaces. Today, you can sell anything online, including your dirt. Many sites can advertise fill dirt on your behalf, including Facebook marketplace, Freecycle, OfferUp, and Craigslist.

Some online services connect you to people and companies that accept your soil for free, but you have to pay first for registration.

Hire A Skip Bin To Clean Up Your Fill Dirt

The easiest way to get rid of your clean fill dirt is to consult a skip hire company. Many companies offer this service all over Australia. They will help you get rid of all your fill dirt, including small gravel, soil, sand, and clay.

So, next time you need to get rid of the clean fill dirt around you, call a skip bin hire company; they are there to save you all the stress, clear your mess, restore your environment’s cleanliness, all at a very affordable price.