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Mattress Disposal The Right Way

If your mattress no longer serves you and its condition is waning, then it goes without saying that it might not help another person either. So if you are tempted to repurpose your old mattress by probably passing it down to your children, donating it to charity, or selling it, take a step back and think of other ways that you can properly dispose of it.

After all, there are various methods to properly dispose of your old mattress, including recycling or throwing it away. However, keep in mind that how you dispose of your mattress also depends on various factors such as its current condition, your geographical location, and the availability of facilities near you that either accept donations, disposal, or recycling of old mattresses.

Therefore, if you are replacing your mattress because you need an upgrade or bought a new bed and the old one is still in good condition, it can prove helpful to someone else. Therefore, you can still pass it down to your children, donate it, sell it or simply choose a disposal method that suits you best.

This article provides a complete guideline on the proper disposal of any old mattress in your household, how to settle for the method that suits you best and how to actually go about disposing of it. If you are ready, let’s dive right into it!

Signs You Need To Change Your Mattress

We all purchase our mattresses according to our taste, comfort, and convenience. As most of these factors face changes, there arises a need to change our mattresses too. Moreover, mattresses need replacement every eight-ten years. However, this number may vary depending on the quality, material, or longevity offered by the company you purchased your mattress from. It also depends on how you use and care for your mattress.

The Material

The material of a mattress is an essential factor to consider while looking into its longevity. For example, hybrid innerspring foam mattresses are less durable than plain innerspring ones. The former needs replacement after around six years, while the latter needs it after about ten years of use. On the other hand, mattresses made of memory foam and latex are easily usable for at least 15 years or more.

The Quality

Apart from these general presumptions, you can notice signs from your observations. For instance, you can check whether your mattress still provides the same quality of service that you need or expect from it. If you no longer feel like you are getting proper comfort or sound sleep on your mattress, this indicates that you need a replacement.

The Sound

It will take more time for you to fall asleep when your mattress gets old. Moreover, you might find that you are constantly waking up feeling extra tired and with body aches. You might detect some noise from your old mattresses whenever you turn. And if you have a partner, you might also start to notice their movements more frequently as you sleep; each turn and toss is bound to frustrate you or keep you awake. All these signs notify you that you need to change your old mattress.

Different Ways To Get Rid Of Old Mattresses

There are so many ways to get rid of your old mattresses. And suppose you are concerned about the environmental concerns associated with improper disposal of hard rubbish. In this instance, all you have to do is ensure that you select a proper method for an effective result.

The methods listed below all fall under the appropriate disposal of your old mattresses. However, a few factors play a role in the manner you go for. These include the nature of your mattress, available services in your geographical area, and the scope for donations.

The methods are as follows:

Recycle Your Old Mattress

Recycling your mattress is one of the best methods to get rid of your old mattress. An effective mattress recycling not only saves you money but also goes a long way in preserving the environment. You can find many organisations with mattress recycling programs. Soft Landing is a popular company throughout Australia that offers mattress collection as well as drop-off services.

The steel springs are converted into steel roofs, while the timber frames are made into mulch. The mattress foam is an excellent material for carpet underlays. Thus, they are able to recycle up to 75% of the components successfully. There are some other Sydney-based recycling companies with positive customer reviews for their excellent recycling program that you can also opt for.

Donate Your Old Mattress

This is the best choice for you if your mattress is in good condition. There are so many organisations that will cordially accept your gently used beddings and mattresses. Before donating your old mattress, you can check whether there are any infestations, holes, stains, or odours in it. The organisations will readily accept the mattress in the absence of such major problems. If you have a passion for donation, make an inquiry in your locality and select the best donation option.

Typically, most people do not have the proper personal transportation means to take their old mattresses to a charitable organisation. Luckily, two Sydney-based companies, the Generous and the Grateful, can save you from this hardship. They pick up your old mattresses with payment to donate to someone in need. The City of Sydney Council also provides free services for local residents.

Sell Your Old Mattress

Selling the mattress is another good option for mattress disposal. You can find so many customers to purchase your old mattress if it is still in good shape. To actualise this, you can post advertisements on your social account describing the details of your mattress. Moreover, websites like Gumtree, OfferUp, and NextDoor provide an excellent platform for this purpose.

You can negotiate the cost depending on the condition, design, or age of your mattress. You must discuss transportation means with your customer in clear terms beforehand. If he does not agree to receive it at his own cost, it will affect the price of your mattress.

Repurpose Your Old Mattress

There are quite a number of materials used to make mattresses like wood, cotton, steel, and polyurethane foam. These components are, however, not suitable to mix with the environment. If none of the methods mentioned above work for you, there are some excellent tricks that you can use to repurpose your mattress.

Firstly, you can break down the wooden box spring to use it as a compost or landscaping mulch in your garden and outdoors. You can use those as garden beds for your veggies or favourite herbs. Your old mattresses are also a great tool to protect your sensitive furniture or valuable utensils.

The mattress foam and fabric can help with your home repair and decoration. You can also cut the foam into small parts for your puppy’s bed. In addition, you can be innovative and come up with some new ideas to utilise the materials of your mattress for artwork and creative crafts.

Get Mattress Hauling Services from Retailers

You can contact a new mattress retailer who usually takes away old mattresses. While purchasing a new mattress, it would be wise to select a company with this retail option. It may cost you some money but relieve you from a great hurdle. Moreover, these companies have some free shipping offers if you purchase some particular mattresses from them. You can also use similar websites to get such requests.

Hire a Skip Bin

Mattress disposal is not an easy task. To get rid of your dilapidated and old mattresses, you can hire a skip bin. This is a popular method throughout Australia that involves hiring suitable skip bins for rubbish collections.

You have to order one online by selecting the correct size as per the size and shape of your mattress. A 2-9 m3 skip bin is suitable with a vast accommodation space to carry mixed loads, including your old mattress, safely.

Contact Your City Council for Mattress Collection

Almost all residential areas have council collections that can collect your hard rubbish at a considerable rate. You can get help from them to dispose of your old mattress safely. You can also get help from any private waste removal company. However, the local Council collections will cost you less than a private option. All you have to do is schedule a pick-up date at your best convenience.

Cost Of Mattress Disposal

Mattress disposal is not a costly service. Because of this, it may vary from company to company. Moreover, it depends on the size, number of mattresses to dispose of, and the location of your residence. The range of cost starts from around $10 up to $700. Most of the disposal companies include transportation, cleaning, and recycling services for your old mattresses.

How Not To Dispose Of Your Old Mattress

At this point, you know quite a lot about how to get rid of old mattresses. But there are some prohibitions that you should follow while disposing of your old mattress. Let’s have a look at how not to dispose of your old mattresses.

• Do not dump the mattress illegally. In Sydney and Melbourne, you may be compelled to pay a fine for this act. If you dump your mattress in vacant land or on the curb, you may be accused of ‘fly-tipping.’ This is not expected from an ideal citizen.

• Never try to burn your old mattresses. This could result in the emission of toxic materials like foam, synthetic latex, or polyvinyls, which are harmful to the environment as well as your health. Burning mattresses affects the ecosystem in a very alarming way.

Proper Mattress Disposal Is Important

Mattresses are an inevitable part of our daily life. Sound sleep is badly required for sound health. Having a proper mattress can play a vital role in this regard. Once you are done with your old mattress, you must observe the methods as mentioned earlier to get rid of your old mattress properly. Keep in mind that there are some environmental issues involved with the lack of proper disposal methods.

Use Professionals To Discard Old Mattresses

Though there are various ways to get rid of your old mattresses, selecting the best one is not an easy task. Some of them will cost you less but may not be available in your locality. Contrarily some may cost you a little much but will provide you with the most convenient service.

It falls on you to choose the proper method in relation to your location, budget, and necessity. If it feels like you can do that, you can get help from professionals. You can check the related websites of mattress disposal companies and consult with their available professionals.