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Disposing waste from your property could save you a lot of money and time with proper guidance. Whether you are working on a budget or not, looking for the best way to reduce the removal cost involved is advisable. There are different strategies that you could apply in the process to save costs. This article explains some of the cheapest ways to dispose of your waste.

Cheapest Ways to Dispose of Waste


Before you dispose of any item at the dump, it is critical to consider if it can be reused. If an item is in perfect condition and working order, you don't have to dispose of it. Instead, you could reuse such items. Even if you don't want to reuse the item, you could still give them to friends who might need them. 

Alternatively, you could donate them to charities to be reused by those in need. Some charities even come with their vans and collect them from your property, saving you on transportation costs. For instance, you could give out old clothes, furniture, toys, etc. You could also sell the items through a garage sale to make some quick cash.

By reusing some of the items or giving them away to be reused, you end up with less junk to dispose of, thus reducing the costs involved in the process. With less waste, you only need to rent a small skip bin, which costs less than larger options. Your preferred junk removal company will also charge you a lower fee because you don't have a lot of waste to dispose of.

Hire a house clearance company 

A house clearance company could earn money by reselling the items they collect from deceased estates or your home instead of charging you for their junk removal services. On the other hand, a rubbish removal company provides disposal services to remove your waste at a fee. 

A house clearance company charges very little for their services. They might even pay you for your junk if they find items with high potential resale value. Therefore, if you have things that could make good money, it will be cheaper or even more profitable to hire a house clearing company to have the waste removed from your property.

Dispose of it in the nearest waste disposal site

If you have a spacious vehicle, you could haul your waste and dispose of it at your area's nearest waste disposal site. This is a cheap option because the sites don't charge you to dispose of your waste. 

All you must do is prove that you are a local and aren't disposing of your trash in a commercial vehicle. Additionally, you will only incur the cost of fueling your car.

Break down your waste before collection

Unless you are dealing with heavy junk, skip bin hire companies will charge you depending on the volume of the waste collected. Thus, if you have time and energy, you could dismantle some items, such as light furniture, to minimise the bulkiness and ensure they take up less space in the skips or vans. 

This will, in turn, help reduce the fee charged. It is essential to dismantle it beforehand because the waste removal company will not do it for you.

Get your home builder to remove the waste for free

If you want to dispose of construction and demolition waste from your home, you could request your builder to remove the waste for free. Most builders usually offer waste removal services for free as an offer to their clients. 

Other builders charge a small fee for removing the waste after construction or demolition. Regardless of the cost, this alternative is cheaper than hiring a waste removal company. So, you can look for a builder who will haul all the trash after the house construction, renovation, or demolition. 

Team up with friends or neighbours

This is one of the most affordable ways to remove waste from your commercial or residential property. You could team up with your neighbours or friends and have your collective waste collected and disposed of. In most cases, you have neighbours who need to dispose of waste from their homes or businesses. 

This saves you the costs of hiring skip bin services to do the work for you. Even if you hire a skip bin service, you can share the expenses involved; thus, you still save a lot of money in the process.

Home composting

Home composting is a cheap disposal method if you have a lot of garden waste in your home. A green waste composting container could help you handle a lot of waste in your garden and green waste. To design the compost, you could use wood chips, grass clippings, wood, hay, leaves, and weeds. 

You could put other materials in the container, including vegetables, eggshells, tea bags, and fruits. Though it requires effort, composting will save you the money you would otherwise have spent hiring a waste company. Additionally, the compost provides the needed nutrients to your plants.


You could recycle many items instead of hiring a waste disposal company or incurring other costs to dispose of them. For instance, if your business produces waste or receives many cardboard packages, you could recycle these materials instead of disposing of them. 

To accomplish this, you could use a baler to dispose of your recyclable waste efficiently and cheaply. The balers usually bundle your recyclable waste into more portable, compact waste bales. You could get a baler of any size depending on how much waste you need to recycle

In addition to doing away with disposal costs, recycling companies could also pay you for your uncontaminated bales. Consequently, this method does not only save you costs, but it could also be profitable if you are paid for your recyclable materials.

Roto compactors

If you have a business producing light waste, you could use roto compactors to minimise waste disposal costs. Roto compactors require limited and low maintenance, making them an excellent option for light waste. These machines are designed to compact large volumes of waste, which is then disposed of in large sacks or bags for collection.

This, in turn, reduces the number of trips needed for all your waste, thus saving you a lot of money. You could use this machine for various businesses, including supermarkets, banks, retirement homes, restaurants, and others where light waste is generated.

Static waste compactors

If your business generates large quantities of waste, using static waste compactors is the best way to save money on your waste disposal. These machines offer high efficiency and increased capacities, saving money and time.

Static compactors help minimise the space, size, and number of waste collections needed by compressing your waste in containers using an extended ram. This, in turn, saves on your waste disposal costs. To put it in perspective, the fewer containers or skips your waste fills, the less it will cost to have it picked up for disposal.

Mistakes to Avoid When Disposing of Waste

Even as you try to save money when disposing of waste from your home or business, avoiding making mistakes that might be more costly in the long run is essential. Here are a few mistakes to avoid.

Hiring the cheapest waste removal company

The majority of the cheap rubbish removal companies in Australia offer low-quality waste removal services. Consequently, you should focus more on the quality of the services you get, even as you consider the price.

Avoid hiring cheap companies as their subpar services might necessitate hiring another company to do a better job, which is more costly in the long run. Before hiring a waste removal company, check its reputation for offering high-standard work.

DIY waste disposal

If you generate a lot of waste from your home or business, it's always advisable to avoid DIY waste disposal to save on costs. Waste disposal is a job that requires high-level skills and knowledge.

Additionally, some of your waste might be hazardous, requiring specialised handling during disposal. Therefore, hire a reputable and affordable company to help you in the process.

Need Professional Help Disposing of Your Waste?

To ensure that your waste is disposed of according to the standard set in Australia, you should work with the best waste removal company near you. Look for a company with vast experience in providing high-quality waste disposal services at the most affordable pricing.

Most skip bin services can offer you a discounted price if you decide to work with them for a long time. Depending on your specifications, they can also create a schedule for when to collect the waste from your home or business. As a result, you have peace of mind knowing that your waste management is in professional hands.