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Cost To Remove Rubbish

Like it or not, rubbish removal is something one has to do regularly. Whether you are in a residential or commercial area or are renovating, landscaping, or simply cleaning up. As such, you have to consider rubbish removal costs. That is what this article will shed light on. It will also consider factors influencing rubbish removal prices, reasons to use rubbish removalists, and how to remove different types of rubbish.

Rubbish Removal Costs In Australia 

On average, you will spend between $75 and $79 per cubic metre on household rubbish removal. On the other hand, if what you need is commercial rubbish removal, average removal prices range from $99 to $100 per cubic metre. For those who prefer skip bin hire, their prices average around $75 per cubic metre.

Removal Prices For Contaminated Waste

Contaminated waste may contain harmful substances. You may not be able to spot some of them. Asbestos is a perfect example as it can cause life-threatening illnesses. Another example is polystyrene, which is non-biodegradable. In addition, it is toxic to the environment.

The removal prices for contaminated waste are as follows:

• Asbestos removal costs usually fall within the range of $100 to $450.

• Brick removal prices are around $80 to $268.

• Green waste removals are charged from $50 to $130.

Soil removal prices range from $85 to $230.

• Pallet removal rates fall within the $50 to $155 bracket.

• Scrap metal removal rates fall within the range of $39 to $100.

Rubbish Removal Prices In Australia By Location

Location is an essential factor that affects rubbish removal costs in Australia. The average prices for waste disposal in some locations are outlined below.

In Adelaide, the average cost of rubbish removal per m3 ranges from $50 to $90.

• Similarly, Hobart’s average rubbish removal cost is from $50 to $90.

• Likewise, in Brisbane, the average rubbish removal price ranges from $50 to $100.

• The average rubbish removal cost in Canberra ranges from $50 to $130.

• Melbourne’s rates range between $50 and $130.

• In Perth, the average charge for rubbish removal is between $60 and $150.

• Finally, in Sydney, you will be charged an average of around $70 to $150.

Factors Influencing Rubbish Removal Costs

There are other factors, other than location, that influence what you will pay for rubbish removal in your area. These factors include the following:

Rate of waste removal

The more the quantity of waste you need disposing of, the higher the rubbish removal costs. A direct reason is that landfills are generally charged per ton. Similarly, the more transport trucks you need, the higher the waste removal costs.

The type of waste

Aside from the quantity of rubbish, the waste type is another factor that influences how much you pay. Rubbish removalists do not charge the same rate for disposing of common waste like plastic or paper as for disposing of heavy construction waste. All rubbish is not the same. Some of them need special equipment and disposal methods.

Hazardous waste such as asbestos and pesticide may require the services of specialised professional waste removal companies. They might charge higher than the usual rubbish removalists.

The costs of disposing of a mattress are higher too. This is because it involves extra work to break it down. In addition, the fibres and springs get caught up in the sorting machinery.

Your location

Your location is another factor that affects rubbish removal costs. When your location is quite distant from the rubbish removalist, you tend to pay higher. Specifically, the accessibility of your location may increase removalist costs.

Labour involved

This relates directly to the amount of waste you want disposed of. The number of people and/or equipment needed affects rubbish removal cost.

Types Of Rubbish

Generally, rubbish is categorised into the following types:

Household waste

This includes waste items such as appliances, clothes, and furniture. They are generally solid or liquid waste and might even include fabric, broken toys, and toothpaste tubes.

Recyclable waste

These wastes include items that you can convert to reusable forms. They include paper, food containers, and cardboard. Before you have your building waste removed, check if it is recyclable. This is because building waste is commonly recyclable waste.

Hazardous waste

This type of waste might constitute toxic, corrosive, reactive, or flammable items. The government regulates it. Examples include mercury, household chemicals, and weed killers.

Demolition and construction waste

Projects involving demolition, renovation, or construction activities produce a lot of waste. Such waste includes broken or rejected bricks, asphalt, carpeting materials, and tiles. Proper cleanups will need to be arranged for such waste.

Green waste

This is organic waste. It includes grass clippings and leaves.

Electronic waste

This is rubbish from electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, and TVs. Such materials must be disposed of carefully as they may contain toxic materials. Examples of such toxic materials are mercury and lead.

Medical waste

Health care centres, hospitals, veterinary clinics, and other medical establishments produce medical waste. These include bandages, used syringes, and liquid waste.

Heavy waste

Such wastes usually contain concrete, sand, soil, asphalt, and brick materials.

Ways Of Getting Rid Of Various Types Of Waste

The following are ways to get rid of different waste types.

Green Waste Disposal

Green waste is also called biological waste. Green waste is organic waste that can be composted. Organic wastes include leaves, twigs, grass clippings, and your residential or industrial kitchen refuse. The following ways are standard methods for getting rid of green waste:

Hire a skip bin

Here, you simply allow the skip bin to get full. After that, the bin contractor will pick it up. The total cost to hire a skip bin starts from around $290 per day for the smallest skip bin. The smallest skip bin is two cubic metres in size.

Compost or mulch the waste materials

You can do this at home. A plus benefit is that it is free. However, check with your local council if you are stockpiling a large amount. You may need a council permit for such a method.

Transport the waste to the depot

You can transport the waste to the depot yourself. Transporting garden waste costs around $250 per ton. Again, you have to check for associated requirements. Failing to meet them or non-compliance may result in a hefty fine.

Get a local council green bin

Usually, you can get a free green bin from your local council which helps save on green waste removal costs. Note that pickup is once every two weeks. As such, schedule it on time. In addition, check if the green bin matches the quantity of green waste needing disposal.

Hire a waste contractor

You may find this option the best for your needs.

Removing Tree Debris

You can use the following methods to remove tree debris.

• Follow the application process for a green bin at your local council.

• Hire a skip bin. However, check if it can contain all your rubbish.

• Rent a wood chipper.

• Burn the tree debris. Again, check with the local council if lighting outdoor fires are allowed.

• Hire a rubbish removal company. They may also advise you on tree stumping issues.

Residential Waste Removals

For residential waste removals, you may want to take advantage of your council’s residential waste management services. If so, you should have some idea of residential waste management charges.

Your council has to levy a sufficient residential waste management service charge. That is to say; they should be able to cover the costs of providing the service. The charges for their service include green waste, garbage, and recycling services.

However, such charges are exempt from Goods and Services Tax (GST). Thus, you may not need to worry about GST per cubic metre payments for residential waste management.

Business Waste Management

Again, a provision is made wherein all business-related supplies of waste management services are not subject to GST. This provision was issued by the Australian Tax Office. The provision was on GST treatment of waste management services by councils. 

How To Reduce Bulky Waste Removal Costs

Read on for a few ways to reduce bulky waste removal prices.

Give it out

First, figure out if another person can reuse the item. If it is in proper working order, perhaps, you can give it out. A sign can be posted outside your home notifying others of your intention to give out the item. Alternatively, you can contact a charity, donation organisation, or network that may be interested. Moreover, you can sell it off on a website like eBay.

Break down the waste

Another thing you can do is dismantle bulky waste items. For instance, you can dismantle light furniture, so it takes up less space in furniture removalist vans. Skip hire companies charge by volume of waste collected. The rubbish clearance company may not be ready to break down waste for you, so doing it yourself will help cut costs.

Thus, it is preferable to dismantle bulky items yourself if possible before the rubbish clearance company arrives.

Team up with neighbours

The cheapest rubbish removal is when you do it in bulk. You may team up with your neighbours to commonly dispose of your waste. This may be cheaper than skip hiring or a small man and van collection. You simply share the cost with your neighbours. You individually gather your own waste, and on collection day, put it together and have it removed all at once.

Reasons To Use Rubbish Removalists

There are reasons why you may delegate your rubbish removal to a rubbish removal expert. The reasons are as listed below:

To save time

You may not only need to collect your rubbish but also sort it out. The disposal process may require you to transport your green waste to a recycling centre. You can dispose of the rest of the rubbish at a local landfill.

Large amounts of rubbish

What if you just finished a renovation or tree removal? How will you conveniently deal with such a large amount of debris? The volume of material may simply be so large as to overwhelm the size of your vehicle. It is also feasible there may be some heavy lifting involved. For these reasons, a rubbish removal company can serve you well here.

Toxic or contaminated materials

Certain types of refuse are better left to rubbish removal experts for your safety. You may even need to handle green waste carefully to reduce fire risks. Other examples are hazardous materials or asbestos products.

When the transport distance is long

In such situations, rubbish removal companies better manage time and stress.

Deceased estate rubbish removal

This applies when you are cleaning out deceased estates.

Residential or office rubbish removal

Officer users tend to generate a lot of waste, and it can be bulky to collect, move around, and place at the collection point. You may be doing cleanup of unwanted items during this process, including office equipment. In addition, cleanup might include bulky furniture removal or commercial waste removal. A waste removal company best handles such types of removal.

During house moves

When moving house, you can be swamped full with tasks. You may not even be bothered enough to do proper packing. Waste removal companies may be able to advise you if it is part of the services they provide.

Pick The Best Company For Rubbish Removals 

Located beneath are a few tips to help you determine the best company to hire for your rubbish removal.

• First, get quotations from various rubbish removal experts. You may even look at up to three cost guides. Next, use their price guides to compare rates and know the more competitive removal cost estimate.

• Second, do not just check for contact details and pricing. Check work histories and online reputations. How can you do that, you ask? Check their social media pages and website. Also, search engines like Google generally have business reviews of various companies. You may even find some waste removal companies as definitely recommended.

• In addition, assess their recycling policy or practices. It is not just about taking your waste to the nearest landfill. Rather, the rubbish removal company may have access to recycling centres or depots. This may be a better choice for the environment. Similarly, they may be able to sort recyclable waste from non-recyclable waste and separate them.

• Finally, check if they are professional and friendly. This may go a long way for future repeat business or referrals. For instance, an indication of professionalism is being able to arrive on time.

Let Rubbish Removal Experts Handle Your Waste

Your interest should primarily be in getting cheap green waste removals or rubbish removals. You should pay attention to the process and other cost factors. This is advisable even when the waste removal is fairly priced.

In any case, with this removal cost guide, you can confidently get your waste items removed. Rubbish removal experts are quite handy when it comes to household rubbish removal, industrial waste removal, and removing rubbish during a garage clean. Moreover, their cost to remove rubbish may be reasonably priced.