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What Can Go In A Skip Bin?

Are you unsure if you can dispose of your old lawn mower in a skip bin? Well, lawn mowers can be disposed of in a skip bin. However, it is preferable to hire the proper skip bin based on its size so that it can be relocated to a recycling centre. Anything from green waste and home items to construction and demolition waste may be disposed of in skip bins.

It is, however, vital to identify your trash type since some waste kinds are forbidden from being deposited in skip bins. In many circumstances, the waste type impacts the price of skip services. This article discusses whether you can put a lawn mower in a skip, different sorts of waste, recycling centres, and the various dimensions of skip bins.

What Is A Recycling Centre?

An establishment where waste is taken so that it can be recycled into usable products is referred to as a recycling centre. Recycling centres employ skilled personnel with extensive experience and expertise in managing different kinds of waste. There are council-run recycling centres and private recycling centres, but both accomplish the same task.

When you hire skip services, they collect your waste and send it to a waste treatment plant, where it is processed as needed. All organic garbage is composted, and recyclable material is transferred to a recycling centre to be reprocessed. The rest of the waste is disposed of in landfills. So, whenever you need to recycle a lawn mower, the best alternative is to put it in a skip to be sent to a recycling centre.

You can dismantle lawn mowers and other landscaping equipment into metal and plastic components. These components can then be cleaned of gasoline and other contaminants and recycled in the industrial sector. The professionals there will open and sort the parts for you, then handle everything else.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Waste?

Various types of waste may be disposed of in skip bins without incurring additional charges. However, as mentioned above, before you book a skip, make sure you understand what these categories of garbage are and what can and cannot be disposed of in the skip.

The different kinds of waste are as follows:

General Waste

Most types of general waste, including boxes, lumber, furniture, white goods, specific electrical gadgets, clothing, toys, carpet, and most types of green refuse, can be disposed of in a skip bin. If this is negotiated before the skip bin's delivery, innerspring mattresses can also be placed in the skip.

As a general rule, any garbage that does not include hazardous chemicals or pollutants is not contagious or toxic, does not rot or putrefy, and will not injure individuals who will be handling it is acceptable for disposal in skip bins.

Concrete and Bricks

Bricks and concrete cannot be disposed of in the same skip as other household garbage; they must be disposed of separately. Only the following items are permitted in a skip containing bricks and concrete:

• Bricks

• Pavers

• Concrete

• Floor tiles made of ceramic and concrete

• Roofing shingles

No additional materials, even in tiny quantities, are permitted. This includes items such as cardboard and mud. Disposal facilities aggressively follow these laws, and if any other items are present, you will incur extra charges.

Soil, Sand, and Dirt

Sand, dirt, and soil must be disposed of separately from other debris in a general waste skip. No additional materials, even in tiny quantities, are permitted. These are inclusive of cardboard and green garbage, among other things. You will be charged extra costs if there are additional items in the skip.

Green Garbage

You may dispose of green waste alongside regular trash, and the laws governing what can and cannot be thrown away with it are fairly similar. Green waste consists of the following items:

• Grass

• Leaves

• Branches

• Chips of wood

• Bark

• Organic materials in general

The following materials are prohibited from being put in a green bin:

• Sand

• Soil

• Dirt

• Waste that decomposes (including food waste, nappies, and pet waste)

• Bricks

• Ceramic tiles with concrete tiles

• Waste that is liquid (paints, oils, thinners, chemicals)

• LPG cylinders made from e-waste

• Asbestos

Additional requirements apply to the filling of a skip with green refuse.


While most electronic devices must be disposed of at a recycling bin or recycled at an authorised facility, you can throw away certain electronics in a skip. Items that you should never throw away in an e-waste skip container include:


• Scanners

• Keyboards

• Computers

• Photocopiers

• TVs

Can Gas Cylinders Be Disposed Of In A Skip?

Gas cylinders are not permitted to be discarded in a skip bin. In addition, they cannot be disposed of in garbage trucks or landfills. For recycling, gas cylinders must be collected separately. However, you can also return it to the retailer so that it may be refilled and reused. Alternatively, seek a firm that specialises in gas cylinder recycling and/or disposal.

Dimensions Of Skip Bins

You need the correct size skip bin, whether you need to hire one for residential or industrial waste collection. Each skip bin's precise dimensions are shown in the size chart. It all begins with tiny skips, which are ideal for spring cleaning, moving, and tree pruning. The most extensive sizes are suitable for large-scale demolitions, deceased estates, and tree clearance projects.

These sizes are highly suggested and would suit your style of work, whether you are a landscaper, builder, or roofer. Skip bin dimensions include: 2m³ mini skips, 3m³ or 4m³ small skip bins, 6m³ large skip bins, and 9m³ mega skips. Therefore, no matter how much trash you need to get rid of, there's a skip bin to meet your needs.

2m³ Skip

The two cubic metre mini skip bin, the smallest of the waste bins for hire, carries the equivalent of eight wheelie garbage bins. Mini skip bins start at about $160 for seven days. They are ideal for decluttering, home improvements, and yard clean-ups.

3m³ Skip

Do you feel like you could use a bit more room? If you rent a three cubic metre skip, you will get four additional wheelie garbage bins. A total of four additional wheelie bins of garbage will bring you to a total of 12 wheelie bins of garbage. Prices for three cubic metre skips start at about $200 for seven days, all-inclusive.

4m³ Skip

Consider how much garbage you can get rid of in a skip bin that can hold up to 16 wheelie bins. Prices for 4 cubic metre skip bins start at around $240 for seven days, all-inclusive.

6m³ Skip

The six cubic metre skip bins, which can carry the equivalent of 24 wheelie garbage bins, is your best choice for large-scale waste collection. For building sites, these dumpsters are significant. Prices for these skip bins start at around $340 for seven days, all-inclusive.

9m³ Skip

If you rent a nine cubic metre skip, you will receive 12 additional waste wheelie bins. A total of three additional rubbish wheelie bins will bring you to a total of 15 garbage wheelie bins. All-inclusive prices for nine cubic metre skips start at around $450 for seven days.

The Ideal Skip Bin Size For A Lawn Mower

When it comes to picking the correct skip bin size, there are a few factors to consider. You should think about the type of rubbish you need to dispose of, the amount of waste you must dispose of, and the size of the items you will be disposing of in the skip.

You may get away with leasing a smaller skip bin in the 2 to 4 cubic metre range if you are merely getting rid of basic rubbish. However, if you plan to dispose of heavy items such as furniture, lawn mowers, waste bins, white goods, or gym equipment, then you should consider a larger skip bin in the 8 to 12 cubic metre range.

Why Use Skip Bins For Lawn Mower Disposal?

Waste disposal is a typical household and workplace issue. Push lawn mowers are usually made of metal, and they can be recycled in scrap metal skips. However, if you have a self-propelled lawn mower, it is better to take it to a recycling centre. Hiring skips bins is one of the most cost-effective garbage disposal options. If you want to learn more about why hiring a skip bin is an ideal garbage disposal solution, continue reading below for a list of the various benefits you are guaranteed to enjoy.

Skip bins are easy to hire

The ease of skip bin hire is one apparent reason why many business and residential property owners employ skip bin services. These companies will arrange for skip bins near your area if you phone them and tell them what you need. With skip services, you do not need to undertake a thorough investigation or inquire about the nearest dump location.

Instead of visiting their store or office, these skip bins hire services will travel to your location with a rented skip bin, saving you time. In addition, these companies provide a variety of skip bin services, so talk to them about your requirements to better understand how they might be met. With a skip container, you can quickly dispose of all of your rubbish, whether it is yard waste, construction debris, or regular home waste.

Skips are ecologically friendly

Hiring a skip bin will ultimately save you money while also assisting in preserving a healthy and safe environment. If you don't use skip bins, there's a good chance you won't know how to correctly separate waste sustainably. This will add to landfills and harm the environment in the long term.

Professional rubbish disposal is provided by skip bin hire companies. They understand how to sort things into biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and recyclable categories. Furthermore, they can save salvageable and recyclable items.

Skips provide a safe waste disposal option

Garbage management necessitates safety procedures, which are much more critical when dealing with hazardous waste. Therefore, you should hire a skip bin to safeguard your safety because it is dependable and secure. You need to place all of your trash in the skip, and the specialists will manage it while they transport it away from your premises.

That way, you can protect your house and your entire family from hazardous trash. Furthermore, employing a professional will guarantee that the task of waste disposal, including disposing of your lawn mower, is completed safely and without causing injury to anyone since these companies are familiar with garbage disposal processes.

Skip bins come in a wide range of sizes

Skip bins come in a lot of sizes and forms. This provides you the option to select the one that best meets your requirements. If you are uncertain of the size that would be best for your garbage, call the sales staff, who will easily take you through the decision-making process.

There are a variety of skip bin rental alternatives available. Some will let you keep your rubbish for a while until it's full and ready to be picked up. There's also the option of hiring a single huge container to dispose of everything at once. Trust skip bin businesses that can accommodate your trash management demands in whatever size you choose.

Skip bin hire helps you save time and money

Renting a skip bin is the most time-saving and cost-effective way to dispose of trash. You will save time and effort by not taking your garbage to a disposal centre. Because you won't have to drive to the dump, you will also save money on petrol.

Skips are simple to use

It's elementary to use skip bins, and it's a no-brainer. Without expert instructions, anyone can figure out how to use a skip bin. Skip bins can be used for any form of waste, except food, liquids, and hazardous materials. If you want to load your skip, you simply have to remove or temporarily open the covers.

For bulkier rubbish, you can use pushcarts, trolleys, or wheelbarrows to help you transport it to the skip bins. Compared to trying to hoist heavy goods over the bin's edges, this is a more efficient technique of conserving your body's energy.

Consider A Skip Bin For Lawn Mower Disposal

A skip bin will not be collected if it is too heavy to move, contains pollution, or has contents over the safe fill line. Before any other action is taken, all residents have the chance to remove tainted garbage. Many individuals believe that recycling lawn mowers by themselves is a simple task, but that is not always the case.

One of the first moves you must make is to locate a suitable recycling site near your home or storage facility. The distance between your home and the storage facility is essential because it aids you in transporting the item. Instead of having to do this yourself, why not utilise a skip bins hire to help you dispose of your old lawn mower so that it can be sent to a recycling centre.