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How and where should you dispose of your waste in Adelaide, Australia? This is a critical question to ask yourself to ensure you dispose of all your waste correctly. Note that different types of waste should be disposed of differently. Consequently, it's crucial to understand how to appropriately dispose of the various types of waste you generate in your household or business.

This ensures that you play your part in environmental conservation. To help you in the process, this article offers a well-detailed guide on where to dispose of Adelaide waste and other related topics.

Why Should You Dispose Of Rubbish Properly?

Here are some reasons you should properly dispose of waste at a rubbish dump in Adelaide.

Helps in organisation

One of the reasons to dispose of your rubbish correctly is to allow for better collection. To achieve this, you could set up an area outside your business or home and have it picked up regularly by your waste bin company. Doing so also ensures that your space remains orderly and clean.

Improves your property's appeal

Proper rubbish disposal also helps improve your property's curb appeal. You won't have waste such as broken appliances, unwanted furniture, or debris all over your home or business. This increases the visual appeal of your property and reduces the risk of it becoming a breeding ground for pests and rodents.

Protection from biohazards

Chemical waste, gadgets, and metals could decay and create biohazards. These harmful biohazards could then leak and contaminate the water and soil, making them harmful to both human and plant life. Therefore, proper rubbish disposal prevents the leakage of these biohazards.

Enhances community health

Proper rubbish disposal helps prevent health problems such as emphysema and asthma that result from air pollution from landfills. If each person practises adequate waste disposal, it boosts community health.

Protects the ecosystem

In addition to enhancing community and individual health, proper waste disposal protects the ecosystem. It helps reduce the need for many landfills and promotes compositing and other practices that help the environment.

Production of energy

The community benefits from the energy generated from the incineration of rubbish in some small-scale sites and landfills. Gases generated in the disposal process can be converted to electricity.

Earn money

Proper disposal of waste and recycling could earn you money. You could sort your waste, put recyclable items in the respective bin, and take them to a facility that pays for them.

Where To Dispose Of Rubbish In Adelaide

Knowing where to dispose of rubbish in Adelaide is vital to ensure that it does not adversely affect the community and people. Adelaide has several designated resource recovery centres (RRCs), which are council-run facilities for recycling, collecting, and transferring waste.

The goal of these facilities is to decrease the amount of local waste sent to landfills. Below is a list of some designated resource recovery centres in Adelaide for your rubbish disposal needs:

Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre

Adelaide Waste and Recycling Centre is one designated place to dump rubbish from your home or business. This recycling centre offers regularly scheduled or one-off collections; you can decide what option works best for you.

It also provides recycling bins, industrial bins, and many others to put your waste in before its scheduled collection date. The costs involved depend on the load and the type of rubbish you want to dispose of. Domestic vehicles are charged depending on the size or type of the vehicle, while heavy vehicles are charged according to their weight.

You can dispose of various types of waste in this recycling centre, including general waste, paper waste, demolition, construction waste, green waste, paint, clean soil, hazardous waste, and residual waste such as gas bottles.

NAWMA Resource Recovery Centre

You could also dispose of your waste in the NAWMA Resource Recovery Centre. The resource recovery centre allows businesses, industries, and councils to dispose of their waste, making it an ideal option if you have a business. Some of the waste you dispose of in NAWMA (Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority) include hard waste, food, organic, and hazardous waste.

Additionally, it offers a kerbside collection of household recycling where you could put your rubbish, such as plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, milk, and juice cartons. Simply place your waste in the yellow lid bins provided for collection on the scheduled date.

Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre

Heathfield Resource Recovery Centre is another recycling facility where you can dispose of or recycle your rubbish in Adelaide. Various types of trash can be disposed of in this centre. These include general waste, green waste, oils, metals, chemicals, polystyrene, mobile phones, and white goods.

Items such as aluminium cans and plastic bottles, paper and cardboard, motor oil, scrap metal, X-ray films, DrumMuster, mobile phones, gas bottles, and fire extinguishers qualify for free disposal.

On the other hand, items like mattresses, tyres, couches, hard waste, domestic waste, demolition, construction waste, and non-friable asbestos attract a fee. This means that they do not qualify for free disposal. You are required to separate the items into their respective categories.

Metro Waste Service

Metro Waste Service provides business and individual waste management services in Adelaide. It offers disposal and recycling services for waste such as cardboard, newspaper, plastic bottles, and food and beverage cans. However, some items cannot be disposed of in this facility, including glass, food waste, yard waste, electronics, pet waste, styrofoam, scrap metal, textiles, lightbulbs, and medical waste.

Pooraka Waste Transfer Station

The Pooraka Resource Recovery Centre provides general public waste disposal services. Some of the rubbish you could dispose of in this facility include hard, green, and food waste.

The station also provides recycling services, compositing, and e-waste recycling. Remember that the cost of rubbish removal and disposal services is based on the type and amount of waste you want to dispose of.

Integrated Waste Services (IWS)

Integrated Waste Services provides waste management services to commercial and residential properties in Australia. These services include recycling and waste disposal in landfills.

The landfills are designed to high standards and have an active revegetation program for sustainability. IWS handles liquid, commercial, electronic, and hazardous waste materials. This facility also provides people with bins of different sizes for waste storage before collection.

Southern Region Waste Resource Authority

The Southern Recycling Centre allows the general public to dispose of general waste. You could also dispose of other waste, such as concrete, green waste, bricks, pavers, and timber.

In its recycling facility, organics are extracted from your kerbside bins to maximise the diversion of the rubbish from the landfill. This facility also operates a landfill to dispose of waste that cannot be recycled.

Windmill Hill Waste Transfer Station

You could also dispose of your waste at Windmill Hill Waste Transfer Station. This facility provides rubbish disposal and recycling services for various trash, including food waste, green waste, and hazardous waste. It also offers kerbside rubbish collection, which makes waste disposal more convenient.

Distribution 360

Distribution 360 provides waste recycling and removal services for commercial and residential properties in Adelaide to help maintain a safe and clean living environment. It offers end-to-end rubbish removal with its skip bin hire service. You could dispose of green waste, general rubbish, mattresses, electrical waste, white goods, furniture, etc.

Choosing The Top Rubbish Disposal In Adelaide

When choosing an ideal place to dispose of rubbish in Adelaide, you should consider the following:


When looking for a place to dispose of your rubbish in Adelaide, it's critical to consider the prices charged by the various RRCs. Various facilities charge varying fees for their services, so you should check out the one with the friendliest pricing policy. The ideal option should be affordable and provide quality waste disposal services.

Where will your rubbish end up?

It's also advisable to go for a facility with a recycling policy other than one that will dispose of all your waste in a landfill. Recycling offers many benefits and is one of the best waste management practices, which is not the case with landfills.

So, before you decide where to take your waste, be sure to ask whether they offer kerbside bins, how they handle different types of waste, both recyclable and non-recyclable, and other relevant questions. In the end, you should hire a facility with a comprehensive waste recycling process that conserves the ecosystem.

Type of waste allowed

Various waste management facilities have policies on the type of waste you can dispose of. Consider a company that allows as many types of waste as possible to accommodate your disposal needs. This ensures you are not limited, primarily if you produce different types of waste in your home or business.

Need Help Disposing Of Your Rubbish In Adelaide?

If you need help disposing of your rubbish in the recovery centres, you must work with Adelaide's best waste disposal company. A reliable company will collect the rubbish from your commercial or residential property, sort it and dispose of it correctly in the best centres in the area.